Our Services

GSH Tree Surgery offers a wide range of services, everything from a large tree removal to a small pruning job.

We can also undertake any Hedge Cutting and Stump Grinding needs you may have.

Please see below a list of services and visit Tree Surgery Explained for more details on each.

Tree Felling & Dismantling

This is where the complete removal of a tree to ground level is required. Usually a tree must be dismantled in stages by a climber.

Formative Prune

This is the pruning, usually of young to Semi mature tree and shrubs to help them develop a good strong healthy structure or form.

Crown Thinning

This is the selective removal of branches to reduce the density of the tree. It should be achieved by removal of branches from throughout the crown

Crown Reduction / Reshaping

This is where the crown of the tree is made smaller, either all over or in a certain area to redress an imbalance of the shape.

Crown Lifting

This is the removal of the lowest branches to a specified height and where possible should be achieved by removal of smaller branches so to minimise stress to the tree.

Crown Clean

This is the removal of unwanted material form the crown of the tree and may include some crown thinning, it would also include the removal of climbing plants


A true pollard is a tree that has been cut back as a young tree and then repeatedly pruned to the same point creating a pollard knuckle.


This is generally the removal of the soft outer growth using a mechanical hedge trimmer.

Hedge Cutting

GSH Tree Surgery is not only your local tree care specialists, but can also undertake all hedge cutting operations from the small ornamental box hedges to the overgrown conifer hedge.
Our team is here to assist you in any way to make sure your hedges are looking their best all year round.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed you are left with a stump at ground level usually, sometimes this is fine and will naturally rot over time. In other cases, it needs to be removed to allow building works or just for aesthetics.

We can grind any size stump depending on its surroundings to below ground level.